Descendants of Lucius Edwin Darby

                                                                               Children of Clarence Darby and Katie Sutter Darby are:

author-- Lynda (Darby) Ozinga

Generation No.10

i). David Lucius Darby was born March 26, 1919 in Plainfield, Butler County, Iowa.  He married Geneva McCurly Howard.        

Child of David Darby and Geneva Howard is:

          i. Sandra Kay12 Darby, born December 20,1947

Geneva, David & Sandra Darby-1961, Iowa. 


ii). Raymond Lyle Darby was born February 16, 1923 in Plainfield, Butler County, Iowa.  He married Mary Frances Whipple April 06, 1944 in Anoka, Minn, daughter of Arthur Whipple and Esther Loucks.  She was born December 23, 1923 in Anoka, Anoka County, Minnesota.



(Raymond & Mary Frances Darby) 

Children of Raymond Darby and Mary Whipple are:

   i. Deanna Lee Darby1, born March 12, 1945 in St. Paul, Ramsey County,  Minnesota; died March 28, 1945 in St. Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota.

   ii. Carolyn Rae Darby, born January 17, 1946 in Waverly, Bremer County, Iowa; died January 22,  1946 in Waverly, Bremer County,  Iowa.

   iii. Lynda Rae Darby was born May 12, 1948 in Charles City, Floyd County, Iowa.  She married (1) Larry Elwood Dubois July 06, 1966 in West Covina, California, son of John  Dubois and Cuba Ledbetter.  He was born July 04, 1940 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and  Died July 31, 1988 in Detroit, Michigan. She married (2) Bernard John Ozinga,       

Bernard & Lynda (Darby) Ozinga Wedding- January 01, 1993 in Zeeland, Ottawa County, Michigan, son of Johannes Ozinga and Agnes Roeda. He was born November 16, 1931 in Zeeland, Ottawa County Michigan.

Bernard & Lynda (Darby) Ozinga Wedding


Lynda & Larry Dubois And Tim, Shawn & Matthew

                  Children of Lynda Darby and Larry Dubois are:

                   i. Matthew Ray Dubois, born February 06, 1968 in San Gabriel, Los Angeles County, California. He married Suzanne Marie Carlson July 18, 1992 in Colorado Springs, Colorado; born August 05, 1969 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Matthew & Susan Dubois Wedding

                  ii.  Timothy John Dubois, born December 14, 1972 in Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California.He married Deborah Jane Dykstra September 23, 1995 in Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan; born June 29, 1972 in Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan

Tim & Debbie Wedding

                  iii  Shawn Michael Dubois, born May 20, 1974 in Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California.  He  Married Miranda Lynn Larson May 10, 1997 in Panama City, Bay County, Florida; born February 10, 1978 in Jackson, Jackson County, Michigan.  Shawn & Miranda have 3 children:  


Shawn & Miranda Wedding

                            i. Alexandria “Alexia” Gabryella Dubois born May 23, 1997, Panama City, FL

                            ii. Eryka Paige Dubois born July 1, 1999 in Panama City, Florida

    iii. Zacharia “Zachary” Chase Dubois born Jan. 30, 2002, Panama City,  Florida 
Alexia, Eryka and Zachary



iii). Erwin Clarence Darby (10) was born (January 17, 1924 -2005 )in Plainfield, Butler County, Iowa. He married Ella Podhaski February 20, 1947  in Waterloo, Iowa, daughter of Joseph Podhaski and Edith. August 30, 1927 -2002 )in Cedar Rapids. (both died of lung cancer) Iowa. For more see interview of


Ervin & Ella (Podhaski) Darby And Family, 1987, Iowa.

Children of Erwin Darby and Ella Podhaski are:

i. Susan Marie was born May 06, 1952.  She married Thomas Lothar Herrmann Bullinga, May 22, 1976 in Jesup, Iowa, son of Johannes Bullinga and Elisabeth Schliesing.  He was born October 13, 1941 in Dortmund, Germany.

Susan holding Linda, Tom, Front: Julie, Heidi and John Bullinga


                     Children of Susan Darby and Thomas Bullinga are:

i. Julie Suzanne Bullinga, born December 23, 1976 in Cedar Rapids,IA                                                   

ii. Linda Jane Bullinga, born November 08, 1978 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa               

Susan's Step Children ,Toms children from a prior marriage

iii Step Child--Heidi Elizabeth Bullinga, born February 20, 1971.

iv.  Step Child --John Richard Bullinga born July 30, 1972.  



ii. Russell Clarence was born July 12, 1953 in Waterloo, Iowa. He married Julie Elaine Junker  October 23, 1972 in Jesup, Iowa.She was born July 02, 1953 in Jesup, Iowa.

Valerie, Daniel, Derek, and Christine. Julie, Russell, baby is Davis Darby

                    Children of Russell Darby and Julie Junker are:

i. Christine Jill Darby, born July 29, 1973 in Inglewood, CO.  She married  Jamie Weydart June 24, 2000.

ii. Daniel Russell Darby, born October 02, 1975 in Waterloo, Iowa.  He married Amy Sabatha November 20, 1999 in Jesup, Iowa.

                          iii. Valaraie Joy Darby, born January 22, 1978 in Independence, Iowa.

                          iv.  Derek Ross Darby, born June 18, 1982 in Waterloo, Iowa.

                          v. Davis Reed Darby, born May 06, 1997 in Waterloo, Iowa.



    Generation No.11

    iii. Kenneth Duane Darby was born October 09, 1955 in Waterloo, Iowa.  He married (2) Christine Ann Dwyer July 23, 1998 in Jamaica, born December 28, 1961 in Waterloo.
  Ken & Chris Darby


                   Children of Kenneth from a previous marriage (1) Cynthia Steinbron -and step children of Chris Darby :

                        i. Jessica Lyn Darby, born August 23, 1981 in Jesup, Iowa.
  Married Brian Ortner on September 17 2005 have children
            i. Hailey Collen Ortner born Jan 4 2004 in Waterloo IA.

                                     ii. Hudson born March 26 2008

                                     iii.Hayden born May 6 2011

                         ii. Kala Elizabeth Darby, born October 16, 1984 in Jesup, Iowa. Married Ryan Miller

                        iii. Jacob Richard Darby, born September 12, 1987.

  Kala, Jacob & Jessica Darby

                    Step children of Kenneth Darby and Christine Dwyer's children from a previous marriage are:

                         i. Conrad John Marsh, born March 17, 1982; Married Kara Delaney Aug.31 2013

                             i. Delaney Marsh Jan.24 2013

                         ii. Casey David Marsh, born May 25, 1985;     Married Shannon Pettit June 7 2008

                              i.  Carter May 6 2011                                                                     


      iv. Richard John Darby, born October 13, 1958; died October 01, 1970 from a farm accident in Waterloo, Iowa.

Richard John Darby-1961-Iowa



v). LeRoy Charles Darby was born August 30, 1927 in Plainfield, Butler County, Iowa.  He married Colleen Anne Obermeier May 22, 1949 in Charles City, Iowa.  She was born November 22, 1927 in Charles City,IA                                                                                                                                                                          

Children of LeRoy Darby and Colleen Obermeier are:

i. Cathleen Ann Darby was born May 20, 1952.  She married (1) John Sexsmith May 30, 1976 in California.  She married (2) William Eugene McClain September 04, 1982. 

                    Child of Cathleen Darby and John Sexsmith is:

                           i.Michael Regan Sexsmith, born April 30, 1977.

                    Child of Cathleen Darby and William McClain is:

i. Jason Paul McClain, born June 22, 1983


       ii. Douglas Roy Darby was born May 8, 1954.  He married Lana 1998. 

  LeRoy & Colleen Darby

 And Family

           Back: Jason, Michael, LeRoy and Douglas Front: Cathy, Tricia & Colleen                                                      


iii.  Tricia Jean Darby was born December 04, 1969 in Monona, Iowa.  She married Eric Dade Staff May 20, 1992 in Monona, Iowa.

Tricia, Maggie, Katie & Eric Staff

                            Children of Tricia Darby and Eric Staff are:

                                    i.  Katie Darby Staff, born May 16, 1997 in Monona, Iowa.

                                    ii. Margaret “Maggie” Jane Staff, born October 13, 1998




v). Ellen Lorraine Darby was born Jan 2, 1926 in rural Plainfield, Butler County, Iowa. Ellen holding Sandra Darby in Iowa



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